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Shotgun T-Shirt Unisex | OG logo

Shotgun T-Shirt Unisex | OG logo

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The SHOTGUN OG logo is the crew's unmistakable branding!

Created by Chris Hammer in 2006, the SHOTGUN logo combines one of the most legendary film cameras in the skateboard and snowboard business of the 2000s.

The design fuses a Sony VX2100 and an AK47. The graphic logo game is intended to convey the idea of ​​"shooting" with a film camera and show how you can get cool tricks and ideas onto tape with precision.

The crew produced their own films with this camera for over a decade, such as "Shake Hands", "Connected Things" and parts of the skateboard movie "Beat Feet".

You can find the OG logo on many styles such as T-shirts, beanies, accessories, and much more. here in the shop.

Size information:

Janina with the black shirt is 162cm and wears size XL

Zino with the denim-blue shirt is 183cm and wears size L


100% combed organic cotton, jersey 190 g/m²

Size Guide

Care instructions

We recommend washing at 30 degrees and line drying. Turn inside out before washing - protects colors and print/embroidery motif. For those of you who iron, please do not iron over the prints.

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