Jasmin Roggenkamp

Jasmin has been accompanying us at SHOTGUN for almost a decade with her fresh graphics! Motifs such as the moth, whale, ibex or Harry Otter are just a few of the designs she created for us. Their spectrum ranges from painted images to illustrated graphics. Jasmin feels her work one hundred percent! Every medium she picks up is transformed into a beautiful work of art.



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Lukas Kochendörfer

Lukas is not only a creative brain, he is also a SHOTGUN CREW athlete. His creativity and ideas can be found in all areas of his work. Be it as an architect, artist or skier. Lukas impresses with his unique style in his works and visions.



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Daniel was one of three FUNKANOMICS masterminds for two decades. As an ambassador for the SHOTGUN CREW, it's hard to imagine life without him.

Projects like Bassfilez or the "Visual Art Experience" are just a few music art projects that were created by him.

Bobby Kudlicz and he's latest project "Tina Tokio" is super experimental and can be found on Instagram, Beatport, Spotify or Applemusic.

Tina Tokyo Music